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Are There Universities That Accept Diploma Passes?


When you complete your Matric year, there are different passes you get. Should you want to study further, where and what you will study is based on the type of pass you get.

So you’ve finished Grade 12 and you passed with a Diploma pass. Are you able to study at a University? That’s what we’ll be tackling in this article.

When you finish Matric, the different passes you can achieve are Bachelors, Diploma, Higher Certificate and National Senior Certificate. What you can study and where you can study further is dependent on what you achieve.

Majority of University courses are Bachelors courses, which require a Bachelors Matric pass, but some Universities offer other qualifications as well such as Diploma courses.

To achieve a Diploma Pass, the learner would have to meet the following requirements:

  • The learner must achieve at least 40% for their Home Language subject.
  • The learner must achieve at least 40% in three other subjects excluding Life Orientation.
  • The learner must achieve at least 30% in any other two subjects.
  • The learner can only fail one subject.

Universities That Offer Diploma Courses

Some Universities that offer diploma courses as well as courses for people who achieved a diploma pass in Matric include Cape Peninsula University of Technology, the University of the Western Cape, the University of Cape Town and more.


A full-time diploma is usually equivalent to the first two years of an undergraduate degree. It is used as entry into a degree or related course.

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