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Boston Partners with Nedbank to Transform Education and Change Lives


The Boston Group has been in education for over 31 years. It was established to provide relevant quality education to all learners, with a vision of Education. For Life. Boston aims to be involved in a student’s life for an extended period and to move beyond providing education by also supporting students in their career journey.

Boston Online Home Education (BOHE) offers online Cambridge programmes for learners to broaden their skills developed during their schooling. As a registered Cambridge Associate, Boston supports online home-schooling learners towards the attainment of school-leaving alternatives that are internationally recognised for entry into leading local and global universities.

The home education journey is not without challenges. A fully-structured approach to learning is required, and more importantly, high levels of support and availability of employees to help learners readily. This includes tutorial assistance in flexible learning moments and guided self-study activities via a variety of media.

Students can apply for a Nedbank sponsored scholarship which will provide access to BOHE for either a combination of Cambridge LSC, IGCSE or AS levels. Alternatively, students can register for stand-alone subjects from anywhere in the world.

The bursary competition is only eligible to applicants who are Nedbank clients enrolled in the Greenbacks programme. Applicants are encouraged to open a Nedbank transactional account and to join the Greenbacks programme.

‘Nedbank understands the importance of education as a powerful tool to transform lives and to contribute to the development of society’, says Kgomotso Zaake, Head of Rewards Solutions, Nedbank. “It is our responsibility as a nation to ensure each child has access to education to break the cycle of poverty and to foster an inclusive and equitable society. This is a cause we strongly support, having adapted the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) – Quality Education, as one of our own goals as a bank.” It’s with this philosophy in mind that Nedbank, through its Greenbacks programme, has partnered with Boston Online Home Education to offer five Cambridge scholarships.

How to participate in the scholarship

A total of five learners will get the opportunity to have their Cambridge home-schooling covered by a scholarship, starting in May 2022. Encouraging a broad perspective and developing critical thinking are key goals of Cambridge Education. Learners need to complete a maths quiz to be considered for a scholarship. Cambridge adheres to global benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of its programmes and to ensure learners acquire education to compete with peers and colleagues internationally.

Maths and Science are important aspects of schooling, and the development of skills to tackle these subjects is crucial. Boston makes use of a gamification strategy to encourage these skills, with rewards offered, just as Greenbacks does with financial incentives.

Applicants can only enter the bursary competition if they pass the Math challenge. Complete the maths quiz by clicking here.


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