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Check Your SASSA Status

The President declared a National State of Disaster as a result of the Covid-19 global pandemic. In this regard he introduced a Special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD) of R350 to be paid to individuals who are currently unemployed, do not receive any form of income, social grant or UIF payment etc.

With the introduction of the SASSA R350 grant, a large number of SRD SASSA application were rolling in with heading to srd.sassa.gov.za, as the website serves many purposes. Do you need to do a SASSA status check to see if your grant is still coming? Not only can you do your SASSA application for R350 on there, you can also check your SASSA SRD status. There is also the SASSA website to correct banking details and to find the status of other information.

Refer to the table below for all the SASSA guides you need if you’re seeing a pending SASSA SRD status check, as well as to find out more on the SASSA registration for R350. Click on the link to access the information you need:

How To Submit A SASSA Online Application For R350 SASSA Reconsideration Applications And Status Check 2023
What Your ‘Aug Pending’ R350 Grant Status Means Sassa Status Check: Failed, Pending, Declined, Reconsideration for R350 Grant
What ‘Reapplication Pending’ SASSA Status Check Means What To Do About ‘Reapplication Pending’ R350 Grant Status
What ‘Bank Details Pending’ R350 Grant Application Status Means How Do I Check My SASSA SRD Status Check Balance?
SASSA: What A ‘Pending’ R350 Grant Status Means Sassa Status Check By Calling The Sassa Toll-Free Number 0800601011

SASSA also gives a chance to a SASSA grant application which was rejected in the form of a SASSA appeal. Click here to gain access to the SRD appeal link.

If you’re trying to find the SASSA contact number for SASSA grant enquiries, or the SASSA website or SASSA Twitter, click here.

You can also click here to find the latest SASSA news.


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