Did You Receive An SMS About Nsfas Laptops?

Beneficiaries of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, what is more commonly known as Nsfas, might have received a message speaking about a Nsfas laptop. Here’s what the financial aid scheme has said.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) regularly becomes the center of many scams with Nsfas now clearing the air about the latest scam. This scam involves Nsfas laptops.

Nsfas students might have received an SMS, from someone posing as the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA, telling them to collect a laptop at an NYDA centre. The message starts off with #NSFASDigital and reads like any other Nsfas message.

“Dear Nsfas Beneficiary. You can collect your Nsfas laptop from one of our branches.” It then instructs the beneficiary to click on a link.

The scheme then went on to say, “Announcements and updates regarding laptops will be communicated through our official digital media platforms.”

Students are warned to not fall for any scams and to not click any unauthorised links. Students should also refrain from giving out personal and valuable information such as their login information, ID numbers and passwords. Most of the time, during these scams, students are being defrauded of their Nsfas allowances.

Messages like these and other Nsfas scams can be reported to the Vuvuzela Hotline on 0860 247 653.

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