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Different Certificates You Can Get In Adult Matric


Adult matric was created to give adults, 21 and older the opportunity to obtain a Senior Certificate (Amended). A Senior Certificate is the equivalent of a Matric Certificate. Once you receive your Senior Certificate you will also obtain other certificates along the way, but what are they?

A Matric Certificate is an important qualification as it opens the doors to entry-level jobs and tertiary education. Those who do not have a matric certificate or who have not obtained one while they will school have a chance to do so with an Adult Matric.

To qualify for an adult matric, you need to have at least obtained a Grade 9 or the equivalent which is an ABET certificate. An Adult Basic Education Certificate (ABET) will equip you with general education and training.

Adult matric comprises of 6 subjects (3 compulsory subjects and 3 elective subjects). You will also need to choose 2 compulsory language subjects and 1 mathematics subject.

Which certificates can you obtain on your way to an Adult Matic?

  • ABET Certificate/GETC Certificate (NQF Level 1) 
    • The equivalent of Grade 9 and needs to be obtained in order to qualify for an Adult Matric course
  • Elementary Certificate (NQF Level 2)
    • The equivalent of a Grade 10
  • Intermediate Certificate (NQF Level 3)
    • The equivalent of a Grade 11
  • Senior Certificate (NQF Level 4)
    • The equivalent of a Grade 12 or Matric Certificate

All the certificates mentioned above are in NQF levels, which range from levels 1-10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. NQF levels 1-4 represent the certificates you can achieve in school or on your journey towards an Adult Matric.

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