Does SACAP Offer Social Work Courses?

Careers Portal recently sat down with the South African College of Applied Psychology, also known as SACAP, to speak about all things SACAP. One question that came up was whether SACAP offers social worker courses.

The South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) offers a range of courses, all with a background of psychology. If you’re looking for where to study psychology, SACAP should definitely be at the forefront of your choices.

However, do they offer social work courses?

The answer to that question is, yes, they do.

SACAP launched their Bachelor of Social Work qualification two years ago at their Johannesburg campus. It is now also offered at their Cape Town campus and in 2023, it will be offered at their Durban campus as well.

This is a four year programme and is an NQF level 8 qualification.

Dr Jacklyn Lotter, the Academic Dean of SACAP, said that social work has been a long time coming for SACAP.

We’ve believed in the value of social work and the value of social workers for a long time and so it was extremely exciting when we were able to launch this programme.

Like with all the SACAP courses on offer, there is an underpinning of psychology within the Social Work course. What sets this social work course apart from others and makes it very interesting is the emphasis on green social work, says Lotter.

With a focus on green social work, environmental justice, advocacy and sustainable development, the programme will empower students and prospective professional social workers with context relevant knowledge and skills.

“I think that’s a really important field that is growing, is being acknowledged internationally and that needs space under the South African landscapes.”

Head to the SACAP website to find out more about SACAP courses, applications and fees.

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