Here’s The Deadline For Matric Exam Re-marks

While many Grade 12 learners will be satisfied with their matric results, some may not be satisfied with the marks they achieved. The good news is that these learners can potentially improve their marks by applying for their scripts to be re-marked or re-checked.

Thousands of Grade 12 learners participated in the 2022 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations, also known as the matric exams. The wait has now begun for learners to find out the marks they achieved during the crucial examinations.

Learners will receive their results on Friday 20 January 2022, just a day after the Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga announces the provincial matric results.

Learners who did not pass their NSC exams or are unsatisfied with their results have several options available to them including registering to rewrite the exam.

However, a rewrite will take place during the next NSC examination season set for May/June 2023 which some learners may not want to wait for.

These learners have the option to apply for a re-mark or re-check. Learners normally apply for re-marks and re-checks when they feel the marks they received on their NSC certificate does not reflect their performance in the examination.

It’s important to note that the re-marks and re-checks come at a cost for learners. Matric candidates who want to apply for their examination to be remarked or rechecked must do so before 3 February 2023.

Cost and Year Applicable












The above prices reflect the cost per script, e.g. English paper 1 or Mathematics paper 2.

If a learner is still unsatisfied with their results of the re-mark or re-check, they can register to rewrite their NSC exams.

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