How Long Does NSFAS Take To Verify Information With Home Affairs?

When applying for funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, the details you provide in your application will undergo a verification process, that’s why it’s essential that information you submit is factual and correct.

When applying for funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), you and the details you provide in your application will undergo verification by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

These background checks are to ensure that the information you submit are factual, and that nothing was fabricated in order to better your chances of securing financial aid for tertiary education studies.

The verification of your ID number, name and surname is done immediately when creating your myNSFAS account on the NSFAS website. NSFAS requires you to make use of a myNSFAS account to apply and track your application status.

How to create a myNSFAS account:

  1. First, visit the NSFAS website.
  2. Click on the myNSFAS tab in the top right corner.
  3. Click on register.
  4. Tick on the acceptance option to allow NSFAS to verify and validate the information you have provided.
  5. Type in your ID number as it appears on your ID document.
  6. Type in your name and surname as they appear on your ID Document.
  7. Type in your email address and cellphone number. Your username will be your email address.
  8. Create a password and confirm your password.
  9. Upload a copy of your ID.
  10. Click on register.
  11. After clicking register, a One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to the email address and cellphone number you provided.
  12. Check your cellphone and email for the OTP.
  13. Type in the OTP in the tab provided and click submit.
  14. You will then receive another SMS and email confirming that your myNSFAS account has been created. You may now continue with your application.

Once your details have been verified by the DHA, NSFAS then uses it to continue reviewing your application. If the information is incorrect, you will need to contact the DHA to rectify it.

Typically, the verification process with the DHA can take up to 6 weeks, although it can take longer in some cases.

It’s essential to ensure that the information you provide to NSFAS is accurate and matches the information on your ID document, as any discrepancies can cause delays in the verification process.

During the verification process, NSFAS may request additional information or documentation from you to support your application. It’s important to respond to these requests promptly to avoid any further delays in the application process.

If you have not heard back from NSFAS regarding the status of your application after the verification process, you can contact their support team for an update.

NSFAS provides regular updates on the application status through their online portal, so make sure to check your myNSFAS account regularly for any updates or notifications.

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