How To Apply To Study At Orbit TVET College

Studying at a TVET College provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for their chosen vocation. Here is how students may apply to study at Orbit TVET College.

Orbit TVET College aims to provide its students with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue their chosen careers. The college offers a variety of courses at its three campuses.

The TVET College offers courses at the following campuses:

  • Brits Campus
  • Mankwe Campus
  • Rustenburg Campus

Courses are categorized by campus. These courses include the National Certificate Vocational, Report 191, and Occupational Learning programmes.

Students are provided with support services such as academic development, social and cultural services, job placements and counselling at all campuses. Assistance is provided to students when applying for bursaries, such as the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) bursary.

All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid as it provides financial relief to low-income households. Students are requested to apply for NSFAS funding before applying to the college.

It is mandatory for all new students to write a Placement Assessment Test which is completed online. Please note that placement assessment is a selection and placement tool, it does not test the student’s IQ.

How To Apply:

  1. Click here to complete the Placement Test.
  2. Upload necessary documentation.
  3. Submit your application.

A selection committee will review the students’ applications and academic records. The selection criteria is available on the College website.

Those who meet the requirements will be notified via an SMS, therefore, students are requested to ensure that contact numbers provided are valid. Alternatively, students may check their status on the i-enabler system under “REVIEW APPLICATION STATUS” which states whether students have been provisionally accepted or rejected.

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