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How to Cancel SPU Qualification/Moodle


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FAQS “How do I change my application?, What happens if you fail a course?, How do I unregister from a course?, Can I cancel my admission?, How do I unregister from University of South Africa?, What does it mean when an application is Cancelled?…”

How Do I Cancel My Account?

If you withdraw, cancel or graduate from School, you must complete the exit counselling session before your school can determine whether you are eligible for a refund. You have 30 days to complete the exit counselling.

How to Cancel SPU Subject

Below are the steps on how to cancel a Subject(s) at the Sol Plaatje University.


To cancel a subject, you will need the


Download the form and fill out all Information


You must provide the correct information for all the available fields before submitting the form


Fees owing are due immediately on cancellation of studies.

The final date on which registration for a module may be cancelled without having to pay for the specific module, is specified in the table “Discontinuation dates”

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