How to Cancel UKZN Qualification

How Do I Cancel a Subject at UKZN?

Students who cancel their registration before the end of the second week of the module (by midnight on Sunday South African time), are entitled to a refund of 50% of the module fee OR to credit or 50% of the module fee.

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How to Cancel UKZN Subject

Below are the steps on how to cancel a Subject(s) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.


To cancel a subject, you will need to Navigate to this Link


Read the information associated with the link


Do as stated


When a student needs to cancel all his subjects, he/she must do a qualification cancellation, as only certain subjects can be cancelled within this option. All other rules as is in the ‘back office’ {SREGC-4} will still apply.

If a ‘main’ subject is selected for cancellation, the modules linked to the ‘main’ subject will be cancelled programmatically.

Modules can be cancelled without the ‘main’ subject being cancelled.

To cancel a subject ‘tick’ the subject in the ‘Cancel’ field and select a ‘Reason’ for cancellation.

Cancellation Date must fall within the system cycle ‘D’ – Web Cancellations as setup in {SMNT-2}, Tab: System Control Cycle – Enrolments.

If a subject is not available for cancellation, the student will not be able to ‘tick’ the subject as it will be flagged with a ‘red dot’ in the ‘Cancel’ field.  See the ‘Example’ below.

When a subject(s) has been selected for cancellation and the student tick on ‘Save Subject Cancellation’ the subject(s) will be removed from the ‘Subject Cancellation’ page.

The ‘Cancellation Date’, and ‘Cancellation Reason’ will be visible in the ‘back-office’ {SREGC-4} as well as the exiting ‘Status’, ‘Student Account’ and a record will be created in the ‘logfile’.

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