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How to Check for Matric Results Online


Apart from having to wait for the national release of results through traditional newspapers, it’s possible to find out your results as soon as they’re available on the system.

However, the department has an option available for you to check your results online while you wait for your statement of results or the national release date of all matric exam results.

How to Check for Matric Results Online

You can follow the instructions below to check for matric results online:

Step 1:

Visit the website of the Department of Education matric results page.

Step 2:

Enter your examination number.

Step 3:

More personal details may be required.

Step 4:

Press search.

Step 5:

Your matric results will now come up.

The Department of Basic Education website has an online platform where all the matric results will be released.

There are several websites who claim to be doing the same thing, however checking your results online through the department is the safest. For information about your matric results CLICK HERE to visit the department’s website.


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