How to Collect R350 Grant at Boxer

This article is about How to Collect R350 Grant at Boxer

You may collect your R350 grant at Boxer if you opted for cash send on your application. If you are asking yourself how to collect R350 grant at Boxer, here are the details.

Can I Collect R350 At Boxer?

Yes, you can collect your SASSA R350 payment at boxer. See further below about the required documents needed when you go to collect your grant.

What is Required for Me to Collect my SRD Grant at Boxer?

You’ll need your South African ID and your cell phone number to get your SASSA R350 grant payment at Boxer stores.

The cell phone number must be the one you used when making your applications on Sassa SRD system.

Only go to the Boxer store with the SMS that SASSA sent you that with your R350 grant payment date on it.

Other Areas to Collect SRD R350 grant?

You may collect your R350 grant at the following retailers:

Pick n Pay Retailers

You can collect your R350 grant at Pick n Pay retailers across the country.

Other ways to collect SRD R350 grant

You may also get your grant money directly into your bank account. Sassa has recently encouraged those receiving their monies via post office and cash send to submit their banking details to Sassa so that they can get payments through the bank.

Can I Collect my R350 grant at Shoprite?

Yes, you can now collect R350 grant at Shoprite and Checkers as additional outlets added by Sassa.

How to collect R350 grant at Shoprite?

So far, Shoprite indicated that you only need to present your ID and cellphone. The cellphone number shall be the one on the Sassa SRD system in order to cash out your money at Shoprite. Check the embedded video from the Shoprite Facebook Page.

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