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Online Learning – Your toolkit for success


Online learning offers a contemporary teaching and learning assessment approach. As a result, there are certain aspects to consider when approaching an online course or qualification.

What is Online Education?

Online learning brings education to your fingertips, 24/7/365. View your internet-enabled devices, (your laptop and even your cell phone) as your virtual campus. All your study material, assessments, and interactions with other students and lecturers take place on this virtual campus. With an internet connection, your learning resources are a click away.

1. Open your mind to a new way of learning

We all have experience in the traditional face-to-face, classroom learning environment. Although the fundamentals remain the same, the online learning space is filled with new and exciting ways to pursue knowledge. It may seem difficult to adjust to in the beginning, but with a little patience and flexibility, coupled with our years of experience in getting learners comfortable with our online medium, you will reap the benefits and the comfort of learning from anywhere, at any time.

2. Create your study space

Unlike traditional learning, which encompasses going to a classroom, online learning is done in your own space. You have the freedom to take your learning on the go, but we suggest creating a space that will be conducive to your learning. A quiet, secluded area where you can comfortably absorb the content, and master your learning for the
duration of your course is beneficial. Despite the differences between online and traditional learning, they share one vital aspect in common: concentration is key. Do not attempt your learning in spaces filled with distractions.

3. Plan

When starting a course with us, we give you a fully populated calendar and learning programme. It then becomes your responsibility to take note of these dates, times, and milestones to plan your studies. We suggest creating your own calendar, and that you put it somewhere you will see it every day in your study space. It will be helpful to be
realistic in your planning, prioritising your time by first tackling the big tasks and then slotting in time for the less important things. Rest and recuperation are also important tasks. It is important to schedule downtime in your plan, to make sure you have balance.

4. The equipment

When you go to a classroom, you would take with you your pens and books. In the same way, with online learning, there are important tools that help facilitate your learning. You will need a device that can process functions at an acceptable speed, a good internet connection – we would recommend a minimum of 10 Mbps. These tools are essential for online learning success, so we suggest that you prepare before enrolling.

5. Don’t try to game it

We have designed our online learning process in such a way that if you follow it, you should do exceptionally well. If you skip certain concepts or try to race through online activities, you will not perform as well as you are capable of. Take notes, make your own study material, and revise your work, in the same way, you would with traditional learning. This is key to success in any learning programme.

6. Take full advantage of the resources available

Our student support team and lecturers are here to help you carve out your understanding, so use them! You worked hard to pay for your qualification, and we are here to work hard to help you reap the benefits.

7. Get to know your fellow students

Engage and debate topics relating to your courses with your fellow students. Gaining insight into other students’ understanding will help you solidify your own. Collaboration and teamwork are tools for success.

About Chartall Business College

Chartall Business College is an innovative and thoroughly modern provider of education and training. We use multiple modes of training delivery to enhance our course offering. We specialise in online learning and our goal is to create a meaningful learning experience that is accessible to all.

We offer a wide range of online courses and qualifications – giving you the freedom to study at your own pace whilst receiving the necessary support needed to make your studies a success.

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