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R350 Grant Reconsideration Payments Are Underway


The South African Social Security (Sassa) has recently stated reconsideration applications for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant are currently underway. Here’s how the agency’s spokesperson plans to disburse these grant payments.

If you are a Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant recipient who has been waiting for feedback on your appeal application, then Sassa has got news you may be looking forward to.

The South African Social Security (Sassa) has recently announced that R350 grant payments for those who applied for reconsideration are currently underway.

“Sassa has been dealing with the thorny issue of reconsideration since last year August 2021. The process has now ended and those who qualify will start receiving their payment this week. Check your bank notification”

Sassa has also urged this group of R350 grant not to visit the South African Post Office to collect their grant payments as it is no longer a valid outlet to do so.

A more advisable alternative option is for beneficiaries to collect their R350 grant payment is to visit the following Sassa-approved retail outlets upon receiving their SMS notification:

  • Pick & Pay
  • Checkers
  • Shoprite
  • Boxer
  • Usave

While unpacking how the agency plans to process the current cycle of appeal payments of the R350 grant, Sassa Spokesperson Paseka Letsatsi stated that issues relating to the processing of these grant payments have not been entirely resolved and that they are taking steps to resolve the issue.

“We just didn’t want to have a big bank approach, we wanted to make sure that we do it steadily incrementally so that we do not necessarily have the collapse of the system. But from where we are we think that they will definitely make sure that each and every person gets what is due today.”

Letsatsi also pointed out that if the system crashes, they will return to media platforms and apologise for the mistake.

As an organisation, they intend to ensure that they process grant payments and make sure that each and every person whose R350 grant application was declined had a valid reason.

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