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Reasons Why Revising Past Papers Is Essential For Good Grades


Revising past papers is a great way to prepare for exams. It’s the most effective way, in fact – if you want to know what kind of questions you may be faced with in your exams, the best way to find out is to actually face them, and that means going through as many past papers as you can get your hands on.

In terms of effectiveness, past papers have been proven time and time again to give students a great chance of success.

Revision is essentially what you need to do when preparing for any examination. However, revision can be very difficult if you are doing it on your own so try gathering a study group and make this a fun activity.

Reasons to revise past papers

  • They show students where they went wrong
  • They provide an opportunity to learn from mistakes and correct them before it’s too late
  • They let students know exactly what sort of thing they’re expected to know
  • They’re also a good indication of what kinds of questions will appear in an exam; a lot of courses feature questions that are very similar to ones on past papers.
  • Revising past papers will also improve your writing skills and help you in improving your time-management skills. This is because, when revising past papers, you will have to analyse the questions and think of strategies to approach them successfully. For example, if a question asks about an issue that you haven’t come across before, then instead of spending time reading up the topic from textbooks, it would be better to spend time thinking how to answer the question successfully.

These are all good reasons to revise some past papers right now! Revising old papers is the most effective way to prepare for your exams. If you only revise what you learnt, you will be less prepared for your exam; whereas if you revise past papers, you will be able to use past knowledge in real exam settings and so, you will be a lot more prepared for your exam.

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