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Should Nsfas Students Sign A Bursary Agreement Form?


Due to a glitch, students funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme would have received a message. Nsfas has now addressed this and gave students further instructions.

Should students who are bursary holders from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) submit a Nsfas bursary agreement form (NBA)? This is the latest question from students.

Nsfas experienced a glitch with their system which resulted in Nsfas students receiving an email which told them to submit their NBA on the myNSFAS portal.

The organisation has now addressed whether students should submit their NBAs:

Please note that NSFAS funded students do not need to sign their NBA.

Students no longer have to sign an NBA as during the Nsfas application process, they have to accept the terms and conditions and this covers that.

Nsfas has also made it clear that payments of Nsfas allowances won’t be affected by whether or not students sign the NBA.

Due to the glitch, Nsfas warned students about emails and clicking on links saying that the official Nsfas email address is [email protected], where Nsfas would communicate with students.

Students can report any suspicious emails to the Nsfas Vuvuzela hotline using the following ways:

As for new Nsfas bursary appplications, Nsfas is now preparing for 2023 applications and aiming to open it earlier than normal. Usually, Nsfas applications would open in August/September of every year.

Nsfas funding covers various fees, including registration fees, tuition fees, study material expenses, food allowance, incidental/personal care, as well as accommodation or transport.

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