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South African Youth Now Receiving Hospitality Training


The Labour Activation Programme (LAP) implemented by the Department of Employment and Labour enrolled 200 young people from the Rustenburg Local Municipality. The programme received funding from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

LAP aims to provide unemployed young people and unemployed UIF recipients with the skills needed to gain access to the world of work and help them establish their own businesses.

According to the Employment and Labour Department, learners will receive training to become baristas, assistant chefs, fast-food cooks, table attendants and convenience food cooks. Training includes theoretical and practical components.

Jeffrey Zitha, the Deputy Director of LAP in the North West, stated that he foresees that at the end of the programme learners will be able to integrate into the labour market and also have the skills to begin their own businesses, which will reduce unemployment and empower those around them.

“The aim of these trainings is to ensure that youth and work-seekers are equipped with the necessary skills that are needed to close the skills gap and to enable the unemployed youth and unemployed UIF beneficiaries to meet the requirements of the labour market,” said Zitha.

Zitha said that the department hopes to encourage these individuals to start their own businesses as it will not only create employment for themselves but for many others as well.

Baristas, fast food and convenient food cooks will receive training for three months and chef assistants and table attendants will receive training for ten months.

At the end of the programme, fast-food cooks, baristas and convenient food cooks will receive NQF level 2 certificates and table attendants and chef assistants will receive NQF level 4 certificates from an accredited service provider.

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