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UCT Readmission Appeal Process | How to Apply

This article contains information about the University of Cape Town (UCT) readmission appeal process, its eligibility and steps on how to apply.

After applying for admission into UCT, it is expected that you will be accepted for admission into the prestigious university, but that’s not usually the case as there are requirements that need to be met for this to happen. Most times, bona fide student at some point need to also apply for readmission to continue studies at the University. With all these in mind, the University of Cape Town (UCT) has made provision for readmission appeal for all those who are eligible. Kindly check below for the application process as well as eligibility.

University of Capetown Readmission Appeal Process & Eligibility

Eligible to Continue if SUPP/DE Passed (SUPP)

  1.  Check PeopleSoft for “eligible to continue if SUPP/DE passed” 22 December 2021.
  2. UCT sends an Email & SMS – 23 December 2021
  3.  Check your ‘@myuct.ac.za” email account.
  4. Go to http://www.students.uct.ac.za/students/current-students/readmissions
  5. Read the information carefully.
  6. DOWNLOAD the appeal form applicable to you from the DOWNLOADS on the right.
  7. Complete & upload your form with ALL support documentation onto PeopleSoft self-service as a single pdf.
  8. After SUPP/DE exams, the FEC will meet to confirm your academic standing:
    1. If status is academically “eligible to continue “the process stops here.
    2. If the status is “not eligible to continue” the process continues.
  9. The Student Records Office will send your appeal to the Faculty RAC to which you have appealed. Please do not include your UCT and matric results in your application.
  10. The RAC will consider your appeal.
  11. The RAC will write to you to inform you of their decision (for further information about this, please read the section titled ‘Appeal Results’).
  12. We strongly urge you to start making plans for what you will do in 2022 if your appeal fails and you are denied readmission to UCT. Please do not wait until you know the outcome of your appeal to start planning for 2022 as you may be too late to gain entrance into another institution.


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