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Unisa Marking and Re-Marking Procedures (Remark or Recheck?)

It is nearly that time of year again when the wave of UNISA exam results come flurrying by. When the time comes, you either feel proud of your accomplishments and stand there feeling satisfied with your performance, or you don’t. Students request remarking through Unisa if they are unhappy with their results or have lost a few points. Read through for more information on my unisa.ac.za.


There are two assignments that make up a student’s year grade. They show the grade for the last year as a percentage of 100%. The results from each assignment are worth 50%, and we add together the results to determine the overall year grade.

According to university rules, in order for your year grade to be considered, you must receive a minimum of 40% on your final exam. You will automatically fail the year if you don’t get at least 40% on your final exam.

To pass the year, you must receive a minimum aggregate grade of 50%. This is a cumulative sum of all assessments and exam results. This grade accounts for 10% of the overall grade and 90% of the exam score.


One may occasionally believe that their grades don’t accurately reflect their ability or meet their expectations. The Remark and Recheck procedure can be a lifesaver for everyone in need in this situation.

There are two methods that a student can address these concerns if they believe that there may have been a mistake in the examination marking process: by requesting the UNISA Remark or Rechecking process.

Remember that the new mark will stand until a remark or recheck has been handled (even if it is lower than the original mark). Fortunately, students who apply for these processes can take a second exam based on the outcomes of their application.


  • Must get 35%-49% or 68%-74%
  • They will allocate an external examiner to conduct the Re-mark.
  • If a student previously failed and now passes because of a remark. The student’s account will be credited any funds paid toward the process.
  • A remark can not be requested or applied to any form of a practical selection of an examination


  • Open to any student who wishes to apply.
  • Not multiple-choice assessment.
  • Refunded if because of the rechecking process the student gets a higher mark.


They can easily get the Official examination marks via the myUnisa website or through their email. All outstanding fees (and those favorite library books you keep delaying the return of) have to be returned in order to query examination results.


Applications for a remark may be submitted through e-mail to [email protected] or simply fax the required UNISA form to 012 429 4150. This is to be submitted along with proof of payment.

Students will also need to purchase their examination scripts and all applications for scripts are to be sent via email or fax.


Closing dates for applications (per script) of examination answer scripts, to be rechecked/remarked are:

  • October / November 2024 examinations: 31 January 2024
  • January / February 2024 supplementary examinations: 30 March 2024
  • May / June 2024 examinations: 16 August 2024

Recheck examination results will be released within four weeks of the application closing. Remark examination results will take up to approximately two months, so hopefully, you do not wait too long and leave it until the last minute.


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