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Unisa to Hold Open Day In Gauteng


Prospective and currently registered Unisa students who are currently based in Gauteng have been invited to attend an open day at the university. Here are all the crucial details relating to the event.

The University of South African(Unisa) in Gauteng will be hosting an open day on one of its campuses. Prospective and currently registered students are invited to attend the event.

The higher learning institution has further stated that the open day will be held on Friday 13 May and 14 May 2022 at 09:00 at the Johannesburg Service Centre, Indoni Building 120 Fox Street Johannesburg.

“The Open Day will empower current and prospective students to make informed decisions about their studies at Unisa. Unisa will interact and engage with the student.”

The University of South Africa (Unisa) is an open distance e-learning university, offering a combination of career-orientated courses usually associated with a university of technology. These courses are combined with general formative academic programmes, typically linked to a traditional university.

This university offers many certificates, degrees and diplomas at the bachelor’s, master and doctoral levels. So how does studying at Unisa work?

Well, student gets to choose a schedule which they want to work around based on the courses they choose to pursue.

Open Distance e-learning means that learning will take place where the student and the university are physically distanced and the student will connect with the university mostly via the internet from a laptop, tablet or another device.

At Unisa, the student will be provided with study material, which consists of written content via textbooks or online via myUnisa. Unisa provides access to computers and the internet at some of their facilities but students should have their own computers and access to the internet.

Despite the distance, Unisa still provides many support services for students such as through libraries, tutorial support, counselling and other online tools.

Students are allowed to study full-time or part-time and students make use of both online resources and study materials which are provided by Unisa. However, some courses offered at Unisa do require students to attend workshops and tutorials which take place outside their homes.

Unisa encourages students to take responsibility for planning their studies and managing their time effectively so that they have the most positive experience of the university.

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