Entry Requirements For UJ Courses

Do you want to study at the University of Johannesburg and enrol in one of their prestigious courses? Here is how the university determines entry requirements for courses.

The University of Johannesburg is one of the main universities in Johannesburg and has a total of 7 faculties and 4 campuses. With all these faculties available, the university hosts 50 000 students on an average day.

These faculties include Education, Law, Humanities, Art, Design and Architecture, Health Sciences, Science, Engineering and the Built Environment as well as the College of Business and Economics.

Each of these faculties has a variety of courses available which also has its own individual entry requirements, as different faculties will require different subjects and different personal skills.

Here Are The Basic Entry Requirements For The University Of Johannesburg Courses:

  • Applicants are required to have the appropriate combination of recognised National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Independent Examinations Board (IEB) subjects as well as certain levels of achievement in these subjects as set out by the prospectus.
  • Learners who have not written the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Independent Examinations Board (IEB) final examinations, but fall in the categories listed below will be referred to the faculties* for faculty-specific selection
    • ACE School of Tomorrow,
    • NCV, NASCA, SC(a)
    • N3/N4/N5/N6 results, and Any other final school-leaving certificates not aforementioned.
    • PsyCaD evaluation and NBT results may be required.

Provisional admission is based on the final Grade 11 results for applicants still in matric, while final admission will be based on the final Grade 12 results.

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