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Western Cape 2023 School Placements Are Being Finalise


If you are among the parents who have been looking to have their children admitted to a school in the Western Cape then it would be ideal for you to do so as soon as possible. Here is how the Department carries out the process and some of the challenges they have encountered throughout the process.

The 2023 School application season is already under way in certain provinces across the country and the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) is already hitting the ground running with applications currently underway.

While discussing the department’s admission process during an interview Western Cape Education Department (WCED)’s spokesperson, If parents had numerous selections Bronagh Hammond explained that schools would be confirmed in order of preference.

She also points out that this is beneficial news as it allows schools to evaluate their waiting lists and see how many spots are available where applications have been withdrawn due to numerous confirmations.

The application process for the 2022 school year began in February to simplify the registration of thousands of new students, largely in grades one and eight, for the following year.

In addition to this, parents have been struggling to register their children online for the past month, causing an administrative headache for the department.

Furthermore, there were 14 000 cases in grades 1 through to 8 that had multiple applications at a school as of last week. In addition, the WCED is pleading with schools to assist in clearing the applicant backlog. The WCED’s system has automatically confirmed 45,000 students in all grades by Saturday morning.

It requires patience on both sides. If you know your child has not been confirmed by a school, and you want your child to go to school A, contact the school to let them know you’re still interested. But also, we have asked schools to review their waiting lists and start phoning parents immediately.

Hammond also stated that the difficulty is that school holidays begin on Friday, so there will be no time to contact parents or intervene. As a result, this week is crucial. She also pleaded with parents to answer their phone and assist the department by making a timely decision, as this will enable the department to go on to a child who does not have a choice.

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