What Are The Highest Paying Jobs With Maths Literacy?

When choosing high school subjects, students can feel pressured into taking pure mathematics instead of mathematics literacy in fear of not being able to secure a high paying job with just maths literacy. This, however, is a common misconception as there are many solid, well-paying jobs that learners with an education in maths literacy could pursue in their adulthood.

In a learner’s high school career, there comes a point when they will have to choose the subjects that they wish to continue to study until their matric. This decision normally comes at the end of the learner’s grade 9 school year, and includes having to pick between doing pure maths or maths literacy.

Since maths literacy has developed a reputation for being easier than pure maths because it excludes tough concepts such as algebra, calculus and trigonometry, learners have come to think that taking pure maths is the only way to enter into well-paying jobs. This, however, is false.

Although maths literacy does not contain these tougher mathematical concepts, its focus still lays in preparing students with mathematical skills that will prove necessary in their daily lives. Therefore, maths literacy has many practical qualities, which open up many good job opportunities.

Some of the highest paying of these jobs include:

  • Lawyer – At an entry-level position a lawyer can earn an average salary of R300 000 a year, whilst an experienced general counsel lawyer can earn an average of around R1 000 000 a year
  • Paramedic – A paramedic can earn an average of about R320 000 a year
  • Pilot – A pilot can earn an average of about R320 000 a year
  • Nurse – The average nurse salary ranges between R200 000 and R300 000+ depending on the position and level of experience possessed
  • Psychologist – The average psychologist salary is about R500 000 a year
  • Interior Designer – The average interior designer salary ranges between about R320 000 and R420 000 a year
  • Dental Hygienist – The average dental hygienist salary is about R300 00 a year
  • University Professor – A university professor can earn an average salary of almost R1 000 000 a year
  • Digital Marketer – A digital marketer can earn an average salary of upwards of R300 000 a year
  • Human Resources (hr) business partner – An hr business partner can earn an average salary ranging between R450 000 and R600 000 a year

Apart from these well paying jobs, there are many more career opportunities for students who only studied maths literacy during their schooling. This proves that taking mathematics literacy instead of pure maths by no means hinders your chances of finding good, well-paying jobs.

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