What Is The New Z83 Form?

When applying for a job in a government department, filling in a Z83 form is very important as it allows the employers to screen and identify if you are suitable for the next rounds of the selection process.

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The Z83 application form includes information which determines whether the applicant meets the minimum requirements and qualifications of the job position. The form is reviewed by the selected shortlisting committee.

Only applicants with an original ID or passport may apply using this form. Applicants filling in the form are reminded to ensure that the paperwork is neat and contains the relevant information and supporting documentation.

Failure to complete sections on the form may lead to the application not moving forward in the selection process, regardless of whether the information is in the CV.  Therefore it is important to check that all sections are filled in on the Z83 form.

If you do not understand a question or are not sure how to answer it you may visit your nearest Labour Centre at the Department of Employment and Labour to receive help from an Employment Counsellor.

The form may be collected from any South African National, Provincial and Local Government Office or downloaded from government departments’ websites.

Ensure that the correct reference number is on the form to avoid being disqualified because of such a mistake. Also, make sure that the Declaration section is signed and dated, if it is not completed it is an immediate disqualification.

Before submitting your Z83 form, ensure that the following is filled in:

  • Job position/title
  • Full name of the Department
  • Reference number
  • When you would be able to start the job.
  • All the necessary personal information: full name, ID number, date of birth, etc.
  • Reliable contact numbers
  • List all formal qualifications, work experience and references.
  • Declaration is signed, dated and has your initials.

Click here to download the Z83 form.

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