What Is Usually Included In Student Accommodation?

Living in student accommodation that is conducive to learning can be critical to your academic success. Several things are needed for an environment to be conducive to learning, many of which may be included at student accommodation facilities.

Student accommodation refers to the place where students live while they are studying. These accommodation facilities aim to provide students with an environment conducive for living and studying.

Basic student accommodation will include basic items to ensure students have a comfortable place to live, study and rest when they are not at university and college.

These accommodation facilities can be managed by the institution the student attends or by private entities. Accommodation that is run by a university or college is commonly referred to as on-campus accommodation, while those managed by private entities are referred to as off-campus accommodation.

The cost of student accommodation may differ depending on the space a student will receive or how many amenities the accommodation facility offers. However, regardless of the price, here are the things you can expect at student accommodation.

Here’s What Included In Student Accommodation The Basics

There are several basic things that are included in student accommodation. These include…

  • Student accommodation will usually provide students with a bed, small cupboards for storage and a desk they can use.
  • A room can be shared by several people, with one roommate or just have space for one student.
  • Students will have access to shared living spaces, a shared kitchen and shared ablution facilities.
  • Most student accommodation facilities will provide students with access to the internet.


Some student accommodation facilities may offer certain amenities, making them more attractive for students. These amenities may be geared towards fun or geared towards making tasks easier for students, and often include:

  •     Group study areas
  •     Social areas
  •     Braai areas
  •     Pool areas
  •     Free subscription television services for entertainment
  •     Laundry facilities
  •     Catering facilities
  •     Security services
  •     Parking facilities

It’s important to do thorough research before signing a lease agreement and paying money to a student accommodation provider.

Students should also compare the services and amenities that are included in the price to find a student accommodation solution that works for them and their budget.

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