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Where To Find Student Accommodation In Bellville Cape Town

Bellville, Cape Town is home to several institutions of higher learning, including two popular universities and colleges in the Western Cape. Many students who choose to attend these institutions require accommodation while they study.

Tertiary education institutions located in Bellville include the University of the Western Cape, A Cape Peninsula University of Technology campus, a Northlink campus and several other private and public colleges.

These institutions are the academic home of thousands of students furthering their education. However, many of these students require accommodation close to the campus.

There are several accommodation facilities available to these students. Students can choose to live at on-campus residences managed by their institutions. However, these on-campus residences often can’t accommodate all the students who require a place to stay.

This sees many students living in off-campus residences managed by companies or private individuals.

Students can find these off-campus student accommodation facilities in several places. The internet is your friend. But don’t only rely on the internet, speak to students who have used off-campus accommodation to find out more.

Enquire about what you can expect to pay, what important things you should consider when choosing an accommodation and whether or not they recommend reputable accommodation providers.

Here’s Where To Find Student Accommodation in Bellville, Cape Town


Digsconnect was created to connect landlords who have empty beds and students who needed accommodation. Since its creation in 2018, Digconnect has been connecting landlords to students in many major cities around the world. This includes student accommodation in Bellville, Cape Town.

Click Here To View Digsconnect solution in Bellville Cape Town.


Student Accommodation SA is a website designed to connect students to off-campus accommodation facilities that suit their individual needs. The student accommodation service will also act as an agent between the owner and the tenant/student.

The website allows students to choose what type of accommodation they want to live in, which institutions the accommodation must be in close proximity to and other important specifications including minimum and maximum price, number of bathrooms and number of bedrooms.


Zhauns Student Accommodation promises to offer students quality accommodation close to universities that is affordable, also safe and secure.

Amenities at Zhauns Student Accommodation include free wireless internet, a housemother who lives on site, lockable cupboards, burglar bars, secure parking and a cleaning service.

Alternatively, students can visit property-sharing websites like Gumtree and dorms. These websites are filled with advertisements for private student accommodation. Be sure to enter the area you want to stay in on these websites.

Students are reminded to do their research before signing lease agreements and before they pay any money. Students should do their research and ensure they are satisfied before they sign on the dotted line of a lease agreement.


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