Where You Can Collect Your NSFAS Laptop

Receiving a NSFAS bursary allows students to focus on their studies without worrying about the financial costs or resources needed during their studies. One of these resources is a laptop, which is an essential tool needed to complete your studies.

Thousands of students living in South Africa are funded by the National Student Financial Aid (NSFAS) and rely on monthly allowances and study resources from the bursary scheme to participate in daily learning activities and assessments.

While the bursary covers various costs, they also provide students with learning devices, such as laptops, which are needed for educational purposes.

The Nsfas Digital Learning Device Programme was introduced as part of government’s mission to ensure that challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic do not affect teaching and learning at higher education and training institutions.

Who qualifies for a NSFAS Laptop?

  • Nsfas funded students at TVET colleges: You must be a continuing student who was registered in 2020 and currently registered to study in 2021
  • Nsfas funded students at universities: You must be registered to study at any public university; both first-time entering and continuing students may apply for a learning device.

In order to receive these laptops students must submit the Digital Learning Device (DLD) form. The form can be accessed and submitted online via the order portal on the NSFAS website.

NSFAS, along with your institution, will then verify your details as well as your order.

Laptop Collection

Once the verification process is complete, an order for your laptop will be placed with any of NSFAS service providers to dispatch the device for delivery. Once your laptop is ready, you will be called by the laptop service provider or your institution to arrange collection.

Students are required to collect their laptop on campus of the university or college they are registered at.

When collecting the laptop, students must present the following to the service provider:

  • A Valid SA ID,
  • Registration / student cards,
  • Student must sign the delivery note as proof of receipt.

Students are reminded that no one can receive/collect the laptop on their behalf, as Nsfas has stressed that no one other than the student who is approved to receive a laptop may collect the device.

NSFAS explains, “You will be required to agree to the terms and conditions as set out by your institution before receiving your learning device.”

Once students have provided all the necessary information and agree to the T&C’s they will receive a laptop, laptop charger and laptop bag.

The bursary scheme has urged students not to misuse the device and use the provided data wisely by using website links instead of sending large files.

To find out more about the NSFAS bursary, applications and the latest changes, head to our NSFAS page.

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