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How To Apply For A Trade Test

Trade tests are necessary in order for any trades specialist or artisan to be qualified in their respective fields. Here is how you can apply for a trade test.

A trade test is a test used to assess the skill level of students in a number of skilled trades. These tests include written and skill demonstration sections.

It is the final summative assessment for students who are finishing an artisan qualification for a listed trade. Trade tests can be completed at an accredited Trade Test Centre by an Assessor who is registered with the National Artisan Moderating Body.

The trade test is done once the student has completed their artisan course at a registered Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College or private service provider.

Students are tested on skills, knowledge and competencies they should have obtained while learning their chosen trade. Students will be tested on theoretical and practical demonstration of this knowledge and skill.

If an individual is successful during their trade test, they will be awarded a certification needed to be considered a qualified tradesmen.

How To Apply For A Trade Test:

  1. Find a trade test centre.
  2. Complete the suggested dropdown selections.
  3. Select your trade centre.
  4. Follow the trade test centre instructions to apply for the trade test.

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