How to Cancel WITS Qualification

How Do I Cancel a Subject at WITS?

Cancellation of Registration can only be done on a Cancellation of Registration Form. Please e-mail us on to request a Cancellation of Registration Form

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How to Cancel WITS Subject

Below are the steps on how to cancel a Subject(s) at the University of the Witwatersrand.


To cancel a subject, you will need the


Download the form and fill out all Information


You must provide the correct information for all the available fields before submitting the form


Cancellation by registrant less than 10 calendar days before the start of the semester/course will result in liability for full payment of the fees. Any fees paid will be forfeited to the university and no refunds will be made.

Your cancellation of registration will not be recorded by the Faculty Office and you will continue to be liable for fees until this form has been completed in full and handed in with your student card.

The form must be returned to your Faculty Office when it is fully completed.

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