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How To Submit Documents For Your CAO Application

When using the Central Applications Office for applications for admission to colleges and universities, you will need to upload supporting documents. Here’s a guide on how to do this.

Just like any other application for education admission, the Central Applications Office (CAO) needs you to upload specific documents. Here’s which documents are needed and how to submit them.

No matter which type of application you chose to submit, whether it be physical, online or through the CAO app, you must upload your supporting documents on the CAO website.

You will then need to have an online CAO website and to log in you will need your CAO or ID number, a cell phone, access to your email and your documents should be saved on your computer or USB.

CAO also urges applicants to save each document individually to upload to the respective document type that you are submitting.

The minimum documents needed for your CAO application are:

  • Copy of ID
  • Final grade 11 report or highest qualification achieved
  • Copy of study/residence permit if you are a non-South African applicant
  • June grade 12 report (as soon as you receive it)
  • September/Trial Grade 12 report (as soon as you receive it)

Here’s how to upload documents on the CAO website:

  1. Go to the CAO website
  2. Click on ‘Upload my documents’
  3. Read the instructions to know what your need in order to login to upload your documents
  4. Once you’re logged in, follow the steps provided to upload your documents and enter your related examination results, where required
  5. Review and make sure that you have uploaded the correct documents and entered the correct results, where required
  6. Once you are ready to submit, click ‘Submit my documents’


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