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Stellenbosch University Registration 2023 Now Open

As the academic year gears up to take flight very soon, many institutions are opening their registration periods. Here is all you need to know about registration dates for Stellenbosch University.

The University of Stellenbosch, like other institutions of higher education, has opened its online portals for students to register themselves for the 2023 academic year.

Senior undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled at Stellenbosch University can start the process of online registration from 16 January, 2023.

The university academic year usually kicks off at the beginning of February, leaving students with roughly two weeks to complete their registration before classes begin.

The start of online registration for newcomer first-year students will open on 25 January, 2023. Then, 6 to 7 February 2023 is when on-campus registration (NARGA) of newcomer first-years on the Stellenbosch campus will take place, as per the registration schedule.

The university constructed the registration schedule for new and incoming first-year students who require help with registering, and includes relevant dates, faculties, programmes and opening times.

An assisted registration schedule for senior/returning Stellenbosch students has also been constructed.

Registration for all students will conclude on 9 February, 2023 (excluding Masters and Doctorate students); 13 February, 2023 is when the academic year will start.

The final day for late registration of undergraduate and postgraduate students (excluding Masters and Doctorate students) will be 24 February, 2023.

Stellenbosch is a historic university town located next to the Boland Mountains in the Western Cape. The university offers tertiary education local and international students, as well as staff. Stellenbosch University is an internationally recognised tertiary institution for academics, and is one of the leading tertiary institutions in South Africa.


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