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What Is A Bridging Course?

Have you failed to qualify for your chosen study programme? A bridging course could give you a second chance to pursue your first career choice.

Students who are unsuccessful in their college applications can become discouraged. It can be especially disappointing if you fail to meet the requirements of your selected varsity course.


When this happens students may choose an entirely different career path based on what their marks allow. But you don’t have to give up on your dream just yet. Bridging courses provide a way for students to qualify for specific study programmes and work towards their ideal career.

Bridging courses are primarily offered to students who need to improve their understanding in subjects that relate to particular study programmes. For example, students who wish to pursue an accounting degree will likely do a bridging course that focuses on mathematics, accounting or business studies.


While it does serve to better equip a student to pursue their degree, the bridging course itself does not contribute any credit towards the qualification. Bridging courses are short, focused learning programmes designed to help high school students enter higher education institutions.

They are seen as introductory level courses and can range from six months to one year. These courses are also created to prepare students for the pace and standard of tertiary education. Bridging courses are offered in practically every sector from nursing to maritime studies, and they are recommended for students who do not have the required knowledge in their field of study.

Where Can I Complete a Bridging Course?

Oxbridge Academy is known for offering bridging courses to students who have not completed matric at school and want to study further.


Some universities also offer bridging courses to students who do not qualify for study programmes. However, some of them require applicants to complete a test in order to be accepted into their bridging courses.

There are also bridging courses available to allow students to qualify for the National Technical Certificate (NTC) N1 courses. College SA offers this type of bridging course.



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