What to Do With Your Grade 12 Results

What to Do With Your Grade 12 Results : On this post, we will talk about options for you with pass or fail grade 12 results.

Introductory Remarks

Whether you have passed grade 12 or not, there is always an option that can help you to pursue your dreams. If you have found that you passed congratulations!! There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you ahead.

But if you have not passed, don’t despair, there are also opportunities for you. Read more below to find out what options are available for you after matric.

What Options do You have if you Passed Matric?

Below are the options that you can take with you grade 12 results


You can find learnerships for people with grade 12 results. Learnerships are programmes where you can be trained at the same time getting paid. Learnerships mostly run for a period of 12 months. When you exit a learnership programme, you may have opportunities to be absorbed as permanent employee or for a longer contract.

Higher Certificate Studies

You may register with institutions of higher learning such as universities, university of technology for higher certificate programmes. The qualification you get from these courses can lend you a good job.

National Diploma

Here also, you can register with colleges, universities, universities of technology or TVET colleges for diplomas in the fields that you qualify for. Diplomas are some of most recognised qualifications on land.

Bachelor’s Degrees

A bachelor’s degree is a basic degree you can get after completion of such studies with universities and universities of technology. It can get you a good job and also add value to your life. With the knowledge and skills gained, you can even employ yourself.

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