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DAM School Of Policing Application Requirement 2023


DAM School Of Policing Application Requirement / Admission Policy for 2022/2023 is now online… PR requirement has released online.

DAM School Of Policing ought all applicants who want to apply for admission into the DAM School Of Policing read all requirements that listed below before applying.

DAM School Of Policing Application Requirements

The Pupil must be of average age for the grade:

Grade 8: 14 years or younger
Grade 9: 15 years or younger
Grade 10: 16 years or younger
Grade 11: 17 years or younger
Grade 12: 18 years or younger
A certified copy of the Birth Certificate is required.

1. Only pupils who have been taught the core subjects of our curriculum (English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Mathematics, General Science and Technology) will be considered for admission.

2. Only pupils with a Mathematics and General or Physical Science mark GREATER than 50% (level 4) will be considered for Grade 8.

3. Should too many applications be received for admission than can be accommodated, the combination of English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, Mathematics and Science marks will be used to determine the successful candidates.

4. If candidates are within 5%, then overall contribution to the activities of the school will be considered.

5. Learners must have the ability to communicate in English as Home Language.

6. Parents and pupils must undertake to adhere to the schools’ Code of Conduct and school rules.

7. Preference is given to those pupils who reside in East London with the exception of those learners seeking Technical Education from outlying areas and who can be accommodated in the Hostel.

8. Original final reports are expected before final acceptance is completed.

9. Learners who do not come from a Technical school and who would like to be admitted to Grade 10 or higher would have to have passed Mathematics and Science with a mark of 70% (level 7) or more to beconsidered for admission.

10. Learners who enter the school at Grade 10 or higher will have to accept that the workshop and grade choice available to them is determined by what vacancies exist in the school.

11. Class sizes will be restricted to 33 or less to ensure quality teaching and learning.

12. Admittance is not sibling specific. If an older sibling is already a registered learner at Port Rex T.H.S. the younger sibling will not automatically be accepted. Each individual application is considered on its own merit.


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