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How Gradesmatch Can Benefit You As A Matriculant

Gradesmatch has received recognition over the years for the impact that it has through its service for high school learners, employees and corporate companies. The career guidance technology helps benefit those who are in the last year of study in high school.

Since its establishment, Gradesmatch has continued to help learners in Africa who are in secondary education with planning their career to unlock their potential.

Its technology is designed to map career data to learners, teachers and mentors, assisting in making well-informed good career decisions to improve long-term education and career outcomes.

Some experts have shared that research has revealed that there is a high rate of drop-out among students and a change of academic streams by individuals that are in their first year of study.

The disadvantage of late application is that individuals end up pursuing a qualification they might not be interested in.

However, through the Gradematch service, individuals that aspire to study at a tertiary institution are assisted in identifying career paths that match their academic abilities in high-demand fields.

Gradesmatch also deals with tertiary applications, and also has an applications services that benefits matriculants in applying early, resulting in a smooth transition between school and tertiary, from securing conditional offers, getting approved for a scholarship/bursary to conditional residence/accommodation offers, suggested the technology service.

Learners are taught how to apply at a higher learning institution using mock applications, while they are still in Grade 11, so that they can get knowledge of applying to higher learning institutions earlier.

Through the Gradesmatch platform, learners are advised on which necessary documents they need when applying, such as their Grade 11 year-end report card or Grade 12 results, Identity Document of both learner and parent/guardian and Residential address.

This initiative then relieves the pressure of administering the applications process and easing the financial burden associated with the application process, making it a one-stop shop for all who wish to register on the Gradesmatch platform.


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