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Sassa Grant Payments For August Now Being Paid

We have swiftly entered the month of August and with the beginning of the new month comes the release of Sassa grant payments. August Sassa grant payments should commence today.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is responsible for disbursing social grants to vulnerable South Africans in need. Every month, millions of Sassa grants are paid.


As we venture into the month of August, a new round of Sassa grant payments will commence. Sassa grant payments usually begin on the second day of the month and should this day fall on a weekend or a public holiday, Sassa payments would then commence on the next working day.

Sassa Grant Payment Dates For August

  • Older Persons Grant – Wednesday, 2 August
  • Disability Grant – Thursday, 3 August
  • Children’s Grant – Friday, 4 August

How To Collect Permanent Sassa Grants

There are a few ways beneficiaries can collect their grants. These include:


Bank Account 

Permanent grant beneficiaries and SRD recipients have the option of having their grants paid directly into their bank account. This is a convenient grant payment method as beneficiaries can access their money at any time after the payment was made by Sassa.

Retail outlets


Sassa grants are paid to selected retailers around the country. The vast geographical footprint of retail outlets makes it easy for grant recipients to find one close to where they live.

Beneficiaries can withdraw their money at any time when the retail outlet is operational. Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer stores, Usave stores and Checkers all distribute social grants.

Mobile Cash Pay Points 

There are also mobile cash pay points where grant beneficiaries can collect their money. However, this is not a flexible payment option and beneficiaries may only collect their grant payment for a few hours during a grant payment cycle.

R350 Grant Payment Dates For August

It’s important to note that the special SRD grant, does not have a fixed payment date. Sassa approves applications for this grant, and beneficiaries are notified via message when their R350 grant payment is available for collection.

If you applied to receive the grant in August 2023, it is important to keep track of your application status.

Once your Sassa SRD status check has been confirmed successful, grant payments will then be made from the month you initially applied. You should make sure that Sassa has your bank account details so that the grant payment can be paid to you directly.

How To Collect R350 Grants

Bank Account 

R350 Grant Beneficiaries can choose to have their grant paid directly into their bank account. This allows them to access the money as soon as it is available.

Cash Send 

Individuals who do not have a bank account can make use of the R350 grant CashSend payment option. Beneficiaries use their ID numbers and phone numbers to access their grant money. You must have a cellphone with a registered cellphone number and proof of identification to use this grant payment method.

Retail Stores 

Grant beneficiaries can collect their R350 grant at several retail stores around the country. Pick N Pay, Checkers, Shoprite and Boxer stores pay the R350 grant.

Sassa has made it clear that beneficiaries should not rush to withdraw their Sassa payment on the first day it becomes available and to remember that once the money has been sent to their accounts, it will remain there until they need it.

There is no need to rush to withdraw cash on the first day. Once the money is in the account, it will remain there until it is needed.

To find out more about Sassa grants and the R350 grant, head to our Sassa section.



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