TUT Tuition & Fees 2024/2025

This is an information containing Tshwane University of Technology, TUT Tuition & Fees Structure: 2024/2025. Authority of the institution has released the amount payable as school fees for Undergraduate programmes for the new academic session.

This is to inform all the prospective candidates offered provisional admission or probably seeking admission into the Tshwane University of Technology, TUT for 2024/2025 academic session that the management of the institution has released the amount they are required to pay as acceptance fee.

Tshwane University of Technology School Fees Structure for Undergraduate Programmes

Acceptance fee

  • A student shall forfeit R220 of the R1 500 initial payment if he or she does not turn up (non-registered students – newcomers) after the closing date for registration.

Initial payment on registration

  • Cancellation until 6 March: the student shall not be liable for any percentage of the full tuition fee for the year, but will forfeit R220 of the initial payment.

Tuition fee

  • Cancellation from 7 March to 27 March: the student shall be liable for 30% of the full tuition fee for the year.
  • Cancellation from 28 March to 24 July: the student shall be liable for 50% of the full tuition fee for the year.
  • Cancellation, in exceptional cases and with permission from Academic Administration, after 25 July: the student will be liable for 100% of the full tuition fee for the year.

Application fee

  • A fee of R240 has to be paid on application for admission in respect of all first applications to the Tshwane University of Technology. It is not refundable.

Examination fees

  • No examination fees are payable in respect of main examinations or supplementary examinations. An amount of R970 (first and additional subject(s)) is payable when applying to sit for exams elsewhere. Please note that it does not include distance education. Only main examination will be considered, not supplementary or special examinations.

Additional payment for normal late registration

  • An additional R360 per registration shall be charged if a student is permitted to register after the final date of registration.

Duplicate student card

  • An amount of R90 is payable per duplicate.

Duplicate personal examination timetable

  • An amount of R35 for distance education students.

Special examinations

  • Aegrotat (sick) examinations: R98 per subject.
  • Exceptional cases: R583 per subject.
  • Special circumstances and exit examination: R173 per subject.

Duplicate statement of results

  • R11 per statement.

Academic reports

  • Computer Printouts: R14 per report.
  • Non-computerized records: R137 per report.
  • Computer printouts for distance education students (faxed or posted): R35.

Student Fees

  • Exemption of subjects: R157 per subject up to a maximum of R693 (payable with application).
  • Granting of status: R171 (payable with application).
  • Proof of registration after registration closing date: R10 per proof of registration.
  • Re-marking and/or rechecking and/or insight into examination scripts (this is refunded if re-marking changes the mark)
    • Re-marking of script: R283.
    • Rechecking of marks: R141.
    • Insight into script: R157.
  • Examination enquiries about results after the closing date: R52 per enquiry.

 Meal fees

Fundi meal system: R20 000 per annum for three (3) meals a day.

 Internal fees

The amount mentioned in the residence confirmation letter is payable when the student reports at the residence.

Student services fee

A non-refundable amount of R290 is payable to cover direct student services expenses (not applicable to postgraduate, distance education and work-integrated learning students).

International students

An additional amount of R1 960 per student per annum is payable on registration.

  •  i-Centres: An amount of R260 is payable for access to the i-Centres. This fee is compulsory for all registered TUT students.
  • Duplicate invoice or account: R10 per invoice or account.
  • Old syllabi/transcripts: R488 per application.
  • Penalty for studying at other institutions without prior permission: R595 per application.

 Penalty for distance education students

  • Change of examination venue after closing date: R1 172.00.
  • Submitting the same assignment more than once for marking: R130 per assignment.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

  •  Application fee: R344.
  • Assessment fee: R700 per assessment.
  • Statement on replacement of certificate: R223 per statement.
  • Application to study at another Institution: R240 per application.
  • TLT Lab Fee: A non-refundable amount of R150 per annum is payable to cover the maintenance and upgrading of Teaching and Learning equipment in classrooms (not applicable to postgraduate, distance education, work-integrated learning students and the HEQSF aligned qualifications).

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