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Everything You Can Do On The SARS eFiling System

If you did not already know, you can now file your tax returns online via eFiling or SARS mobile services. SARS eFiling is a free, online process for the submission of returns and declarations and other related services. Taxpayers registered for eFiling can engage with SARS online for the submission of returns and declarations and payments in respect of taxes, duties, levies and contributions.

Tax is a mandatory contribution that an individual or business must make to government for government activities. Governments collect taxes from individuals and businesses in order to fund their operations. These activities include public order and safety, infrastructure such as roads, schools, parks and hospitals, etc.

The Benefits of SARS eFiling

Registrants are able to do a host of things on the SARS eFiling system, including:

  • Enquire on debt outstanding, make a payment and cancellation of payments
  • Enquire on returns outstanding
  • Tax Compliance Status
  • Notice of Registration (IT150)
  • VAT, CIT, PAYE and Trust Notice of Registration
  • Filing your Income Tax Return
  • Update personal details (including Bank Details)
  • Request Statement of Account
  • Register for Income Tax
  • Submission of Supporting Documents for an audit case
  • Lodge a Dispute
  • Tax Product Registration (incl. Tax Number Registration)
  • Tax Directive Management
  • Lodge a complaint
  • Refund status
  • Audit status
  • Username Retrieval and Password Reset

If you need help to register for eFiling, watch this helpful tutorial video on the SARS YouTube channel:


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