Nelson Mandela University 2023 Registration

Nelson Mandela University has opened registrations for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Here is all you need to know about the registration period at the University.

Nelson Mandela University was established on 1 January 2005 due to the merger of the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) and the Port Elizabeth campus of Vista University (Vista PE).

These institutions merged to reconstruct higher education in South Africa at the time.

NMU opened its registrations for the 2023 academic year on 11 January 2023 and will conclude the process with late applications on 15 March 2023. 

Registrations are open for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. NMU registrations can be done online by logging on to the Student Portal or the Nelson Mandela University website.

Here’s How To Register

  1. Go to the NMU registrations page
  2. Select register now and login.
    • You can request a PIN if you don’t have one by following the instructions on the screen. The PIN will be sent to your Nelson Mandela University email address.
  3. Select registration at the top left of your screen.
  4. Select declaration by applicant. Please read and acknowledge the content and then select I accept. You have to complete this process before you will be allowed to continue with your registration.
  5. Select register now (on the left side of your screen).
  6. Your qualification information for 2023 will be displayed. Enter your employment status by selecting a value from the list.
  7. Select save and continue.
  8. The modules for your qualification will be displayed. Make your selection from the text box on the left.
  9. Select save and continue once you have selected the modules for which you want to register.
  10. Select I accept to confirm the registration of modules.
  11. Select accept registration in order to finalise your registration.
  12. Your proof of registration will be displayed.

Students who register after 19 February 2023 will be subject to a late registration fee.

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