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SASSA Status Pending for May 2023

SASSA Status Pending for May 2023 check for Sassa SRD R350 grant. Did you receive Sassa status pending message after checking your Sassa status online? If yes, we’ll provide you an explanation to your pending status. Read on to find out what Sassa status pending mean and how to fix it.

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What Does Sassa Status Pending Mean?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has said that ‘Pending’ means your application has not yet been approved.

“If your application is still pending it means, it’s not yet verified. The applicants must be aware that the agency does not only verify banking details but It also verify citizenship with the Department of Home Affairs and also verify with the Department of labour to check whether the person is UIF registered or not.” – Sassa said

How To Fix Sassa Status Pending For Sassa SRD Grant?

The beneficiary submit the correct banking details, and be registered with the Department of Home Affairs and make sure that they don’t receive any source of income or UIF registered.

If the verification of the above mentioned requirements not yet finalised the status will state pending. When the applicants successfully passed all verification, SASSA will approve the application and the status will be updated to approve.


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